IIIT East and Southeast Asia received increasing numbers of requests from the lecturers for teaching material publications. IIIT Secretary General and Academic Development Division Director agreed on expanding Teaching Materials Project (TMP) scopes by including the reference books for courses.

Previously, TMP only accept proposal for course books. As there are increasing demand for publications with IIIT for teaching materials, IIIT ESEA has agreed to consider proposal for reference book under TMP.

On 29th March 2021, the virtual launching 7 new eBooks of Teaching Materials Project (TMP) by Prof. Dr Ahmad Faris Ismail, IIUM Deputy Rector (Academic & Internationalization). The objective of the event to promote the usage of eBook in online teaching and learning process and indicate the support of the University toward this effort.

Campaign for TMP 2021 starts on 24th March 2021, for a 3 weeks period. Expecting higher number of applications with broader scope of teaching materials. Prior to the TMP 2021 announcement, we received 5 completed books manuscript looking for publication collaboration.

The Inaugural IIIT Strategic Research Project (SRP) 2020 was introduced in October 2020. The project campaign ended in December 2020. A total of 72 applications were reviewed by 8 reviewers with diverse background and expertise such as: –

  1. Dr. Mohamed Aslam Haneef
  2. Dr. Ratnawati Asraf
  3. Dr. Waleed Fekry Faris
  4. Dato’ Dr. Jamil Osman
  5. Dr. Md Tahir Md Azhar
  6. Prof. Dr Hazizan Md Noon
  7. Dr. Mohamed El Tahir El Mesawi
  8. Dr. Omar Hasan Kasule

After the reviewing process, 22 applicants were selected as recipients for SRP 2020.

The applied research area of the projects covers art and applied arts, social sciences, clinical and health sciences, national science and heritage, pure and applied sciences and ICT. Budget disbursement for SRP 2020 has been agreed to be made in three stages. The first, second and third stage represent 30-30-40 respectively. First stage disbursement completed to all 22 SRP principals amounting RM 65,220.00.