Representative of IIIT for South Korea

President ‘Salam Nuri’ a Non-Governmental Organization, South Korea

Embraced Islam in 1979 at Seoul, Korea

1980 – 1982 Manager for Da’wah department of Korea Muslim Federation.

1981 – Published weekly Muslim newsletter.

1981 – Organized Muslim Youth Association of Korea Muslim Federation.

1982 – 1989 Study Islam at IIUI and others with participating international leadership programs at various countries.

1987 – 2000 Carried out Training and educational programs for Korean Muslims.

2010 – Established International Da’wah & Tarbiyah programs in Korea as ‘Salam Nuri’ group.

2014 – Established Muslim Student Association of Korea (MSAK).

2016 – Established ‘Salam Nuri’ publication limited company for Islamic literatures.

2017 – Established Scientific Council of Young Muslim Researchers in Korea.

2017 – Registered ‘Salam Nuri’ as a Non-Governmental Organization to the country.

2021 – Has been publishing Islamic literatures of IIIT and others.

2021 – Prompting Seminars, trainings, researches and educations.