Online Regional Workshop:

Development of Sustainable Private Islamic Educational Institutions


Participating Universities


2. IIC



5. Fatoni

6. PSU



9. KDH

10. USAS

11. Picoms


13. UIN IMAM Bonjol

14. UIN Walisongo

15. Diniyyah Putri

16. Islamic Kassim Tuet Memorial College

17. Universitas Syiah Kuala

18. UIN Sumatera Utara

19. University of Yangon

20. Mindanao State University – Marawi

Participating Countries

1. Malaysia

2. Indonesia

3. Singapore

4. Brunei

5. Philippines

6. Thailand

7. Cambodia

8. Myanmar

9. Hong Kong

10. Bangladesh

11. India

12. Russia

13. Nigeria

14. Ghana

15. Ivory Coast

16. Turkey

17. Pakistan

18. Australia

19. Sri Lanka

20. South Africa

Participants Feedback

The encouragement and motivational presentations for Muslims to raised up their standards towards education (Integration of knowledge)

I like how the speakers deliver the materials, so I can understand their explanation well. The materials are also related to my studying and to now era. Where exactly we need the integrated between Islamic education with science and social knowledge

The discussion on knowledge for the soul & not focusing on money as well as online learning and the future of Islamic private university.

What I like more in this workshop is the shift from physical classroom to online classes. This is true after the fact of Covid-19 pandemic since 2019 all world universities gave instructions through online and our professors suggest it will be irreversible. As Muslims we should adapt the online world class university.

I think there is inertial force is required in terms of structural transformation which is equal to forces of globalization that embeds the thinking of our youth who are outside university community

Might be by reducing the numbers of speakers for each title and adding more sessions of workshops in various fields of knowledge; especially on trans-discipline, IOK, approach in order to recreate ‘polymath’ future Islamic scholars.

The workshop is already great enough, maybe can held it frequently for other interesting matter to be explained and exposed. Just the speaker could show more professional, instead of just reading the slides only. For others who expressed their thoughts and opinions, even revealed research are outstanding.

Apply all the knowledge to use in my university but promoting lecturers to understand towards being Waqaf and integrated university in developing the youth and Ummah.

I would like to create time for planning the future of Islam to establish a strong Islamic institution in our country Nigeria with teamwork

I should be now more objective and more practical in my assessments of Islamic universities around the world.

To be more critical when dealing with issues related with the topics delivered in the workshop, be more serious to contribute the best for the development of Islamic education, adapt well and quickly with high technology in online learning to facilitate my students gaining knowledge and skill, and many things I can’t say it here. I am so thankful for allowing me to join this event so I can have a better insight about Islamic higher education and its issues. As a young lecturer,  I can get myself motivated to do my best after joining this event and contribute to Islamic higher education, even though starting from small things like teaching and learning process in my online classroom as well as keeping on doing researches. I hope someday I can become like the speakers such as great Professors and Doctors and having the great chance to  spread out the inspiration.