Representative of IIIT for Myanmar

Dr Maulana Akbar Shah @ U Tun Aung, a Myanmar citizen, is an assistant Professor at (FIDS), IRKHS, IIUM, from 2009 till date. He is the holder of BSc. Degree, Chemistry, (R.A.S.U.), Myanmar in 1982 and B.A. Islamic, Jamia Darul Uloom, Rangoon in 1998. He also received degrees of MA and PhD. Degree in Usuluddin and Comparative Study form IIUM in 2010 and 2013, respectively.

He had also worked for the United Nation World Food Programme for about ten years as well as served as Secretary-General of the organization of Jammiyyat al-Ulama alIslam of Myanmar from 2000-2007. He is engaged in many organizations as Head of Research Committee, Department of FIDS, IRKHS, (2) Member of Research Committee for Faculty of IRKHS, (3) The president of Myanmar Muslims Intellectual Forum (MMIF), (4) Volunteered at International Advanced Islamic Study (IAIS),

Malaysia. (5) Advisor for Myanmar Muslims Community in Malaysia, (6) Associate Editor and Reviewer of ICSAI. Org’s International Journal of Language, Literature, Culture and Education, (7) Reviewer of Journal of Islam In Asia, (8) Visiting Lecture in Darul Arqam, Singapore and Pergas, Singapore Islamic Scholars and Religious Teachers Association, (9) Advisor for Global Community Club, CFS, (10) Advisor for Intellectual College Myanmar, franchised College of International Islamic college, Malaysia (IIC).

He is at the same time a supervisor for Post Graduate students of IIUM and authors of 20 books and more than 50 articles, i.e., The receiver of five International Research Grants on university textbooks and two grants for the translation of two manuals is awarded the best advisor for the Global community Club, GCC, CFS, IIUM. In 2021 he was awarded a Gold medal for Active Researcher award by International Islamic University.

He is also representative of International Institute of Islamic thought, IIIT for Myanmar and he engage providing sermon to Myanmar Muslims of south East Asia on every Friday night.