IIIT-ESEA has been working closely with IIUM Press in conducting workshops for authors and publishing books. Recently IIIT-ESEA and the IIUM Press published two titles  by Dr. Saim Kayadabi and Prof. Dr. M. Asri Abdullah respectively.

In “The State and Policies of an Islamic Government: Siyāsah Shar‘īyyah” Dr Kayadibi examines the concept of state in Islam and the policies of Islamic government. The book is aimed to be a reader for students of sharī‘ah oriented public policy and covers a wide range of topics including the theory of sharī‘ah oriented public policy; governance and the concept of Islamic state; economics and finance affairs in Islamic government; international relations and diplomacy; foundations of Siyāsah Shar‘īyyah and many more. Dr Kayadibi is vastly experienced in the subject matter. He had previously worked and taught in various universities in Malaysia including the International Islamic University Malaysia and the University of Malaya. Dr Kayadibi is currently Professor at the Department of Finance and Banking, Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Karabuk (UNIKA) in Turkey.

In “Halal Entrepreneurship” Mohd Asri Abdullah, Amal Elgharbawy and Md. Siddique E. Azam introduce the concept of “Halalpreneurship” and attempt to integrate Islamic values and principles to different aspects of entreneurship. Written in a simple and accessible language, the book covers a wide range of topics such as history of halalpreneurship; business ethics for halalpreneurs; The marketing aspects of halalpreneurs; Islamic perspective on creativity and innovation; legal challenges in halalpreneurship; integration of Islamic values in entrepreneurship, and many more.  The book covers various theoretical and practical aspects and is a must read for anyone interested in the area.

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