IIIT Regional Workshop:

Writing Research Proposal For Topics On Integration Knowledge


  1. PROF. DR. ROSLINA OTHMAN – Searching For Materials And Writing Literature Reviews
  2. DR. HJ. SHAAYA OTHMAN – Choosing An Appropriate Research Method For Your Research
  3. PROF. EMERITUS DATO’ WIRA DR. JAMIL OSMAN – Ethical Issues To Be Observed
  4. PROFESSOR DR. OMAR HASSAN KASULE – Understanding The Concept of Research on Integration Of Knowledge
  5. PROF. DR. MOHAMMAD FAUZAN NORDIN – How To Choose a Topic of ICT
  6. PROF. DR. MOHAMED ASLAM HANEEF & RIASAT AMIN IMON – How To Choose a Topic on Economics
  7. ASSOC. PROF. DR. HAZIZAN MD. NOON – How To Choose a Topic of Social Science
  8. DR. KABUYE UTHMAN SULAIMAN – How To Choose a Topic on Islamic Studies