On 4 August, 2022, IIITESEA organised a workshop on translation.  The workshop was aimed at providing training to future translators and was conducted by Prof. Abdullah Hassan, a prominent scholar and writer in Malaysia. Those who participated in the workshop are expected to be part of IIIT-ESEA’s team of translators who would help in the translation work of various titles in the near future.

04 August, 2022 FOLLOW-UP TRANSLATION WORKSHOP Prof. Emer. Dr. Abdullah Hassan as resource person

IIITESEA is actively involved in translating much needed literature from English and Arabic into Bahasa Malaysia. The translations are meant to cater for the increasing public demand for scholarly Islamic works in Bahasa Malaysia especially from college and university students who use Bahasa Malaysia as their medium of instruction. These include among others students from state religious institutions such as KUIS, UNISAS and other similar institutions. It is hoped that this translation project would help facilitate academic research among the target audiences as they prepare and commence their postgraduate research and theses. In addition to college students, IIIT also hopes that these publications will help the Malay speaking general public to have access to these useful materials.

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